Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why Do I Write?

Why do I write?

For the sheer love of it

For there is nothing quite

Like the thrill of the perfect fit

As mind slips over textures and curves

Inhaling oceans, spurred by tireless verve

Searching haunted tresses, exploring dimly-lit cells

For the intoxication of the perfectly-shaped syllable

And the wild exultation, the inexplicable pleasure

Of stumbling upon the most thrilling of treasures

Then, aligning so tenderly, word against word

With a gleam in the eye and passion stirred

As thought takes shape beneath a pen

And finally, as one breathes again

To find, in word pictures of art

The pieces of a poet’s heart

I cannot get enough of it

So I write for the

Love of it



  1. Janet ~ I love how the poem is shaped in a curving form... was that on purpose, or a happy accident? I find I paint and write ~ for the love of it as well :)

  2. Hi:) It began by accident until I reached the middle of the poem and noticed the shape, then 'for fun' I tried to work with it:) I believe if we stop writing/painting for anything other than the love of it we've lost the joy in it. If it becomes self-serving in any way its beauty is lost, and doing something for the love of it, I am beginning to understand, is not necessarily self-serving. God gave to each of us gifts to use to His honor and to all grab onto that gift, use it, appreciate it and share it and to God be the glory!

    'We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.' Romans 6:6

  3. You are so right ~ maybe this is why my high school art teacher advised me not to go in to a CAREER related to art (like her), so I could enjoy it on my terms...

    Also... for a long time I would only draw a card or something specific as a gift for someone... but I never just sketched or painted for FUN... why? Because I didn't want to 'waste' paper or supplies! Doesn't that sound silly? I'm learning it's not a waste of anything, and it's helping me express my creative side ~ that God placed within me. That is a beautiful verse by the way. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. I know I break all the rules when it comes to poetry today, but I feel like it is who I am. I can't robs me of the passion.That is why I do it for the love and let God do with it what He wills from then on. Your art speaks to me in one way and likely in a totally different way to someone else. It's the beauty of seeing the world, each through our own eyes. Thank-you for your thoughts.


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