Thursday, October 27, 2011


I can rearrange my furniture
And add some fresh appeal
To corners growing stagnant,
I can walk around and steal
A vase, a book, a picture frame
And take it from the shelf
Wiggle and twist and turn them ‘round
Until I please myself

But there are things I cannot touch
Or ever re-arrange
Time does not seem to matter much
These things I cannot change
Are carefully protected
In my heart’s tender embrace
And all the changes in the world
Can’t tear them from their place

Things are but trimmings in a house
To move from room to room
But love and joy and peace, my friend
These make a house a home
My love for you brings me great joy
This great joy brings me peace
I pray that God will bless each one
Who enters here, with these


After pulling my library together into one space I was left with an empty corner...
So I lugged in the book-case with all my poetry books from another room, dragged up a chair from the rec room and filled this corner...of course, in the process I created new empty spaces:))


  1. Love it ,Janet!!! Your library has long been my favourite thing about your house!!!! I always leave wanting to change something in mine.But you know me...I often end up moving it back.Not always I guess...

  2. I'm laughing as I read this because the chair in the library is already moved. I loved it there but the little guys I babysit tug it out of the way to get their books, nobody sits back there, ever, and also, I had a big space downstairs because I brought the big chair up to the family know how it goes:)


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