Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Wordle

My heart over-flows in wordless devotion

I, so unworthy of one sacred crumb

Dance on the fallow of earth’s grandest ballroom

Though obsolete garden and passion are one

…still I dance

Coniferous hat-rack and sapphire awning

Rouse in the heart a profound minuet

I sway in the arms of a red autumn morning

Admire the swallow and leaf pirouette

…as I dance

Malapert breezes spark a rare tempo

Rambunctious love song and memories swell

Over life's pond where Thought hovers in limbo

Each heartbeat reducing Time’s incumbent bell

…so I dance

Silver-cloud automobile lures my attention

To the eye of He who has offered the chance

Here on this earth to see glimpses of Heaven

I lift my heart to Him in infinite thanks

…and I dance and I dance and I dance

Janet Martin

It is Thanksgiving Day in Canada

so I wanted to combine my thoughts of thanks in this wordle.


  1. Nicely said, Janet. Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, and long may you dance. I had to wait until I finished writing before reading yours. I knew you would do something special with this wordle, just because it had a couple of awkward words. They were not awkward in your hands. Beautifully done.

  3. Mike, you are always far too kind. Thank-you.
    Yes, automobile makes me grimace a little but the challenge of using all the words is what makes this so much fun. I am always blown away by the poetry spawned from a few words!

  4. And I dance, dance, dance as well. Your poem inspires me. Belated happy Thanksgiving to you!

  5. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank-you so much.

  6. Sorry for being so late to return your visit to my site. It's been a busy and difficult week. And you are right about some of these words. They don't work poetically. However, your poem is smooth and reads well and I hope you will continue to dance.



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