Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Summer's Repose

When summer drops her azure gaze

It seems the whole earth knows

The scope of her allotted days

Is drawing to a close

As violet waves and golden streams

Don somber cloaks of rust

And petals drop forsaken dreams

To sepulchers of dust

Now stillness threads limbs, bare and stark

Where just a glance before

Bird-song and breezes tuned the park

And laughed on summer’s shore

The timbre of June's lilting mirth

Has lulled into a moan

As unseen fingers strip the earth

Of summer’s flowered throne

The flaming sumac steals the show

Her bold disdain is brief

Soon her bright, crimson tears will flow

With summer’s trampled leaf

Into a sea of seasons past

To tune the harps that play

Where every little leaf is cast

On shores of yesterday

Janet Martin


  1. You write so well to prompts, but when you write without prompts, wow! This is wonderful.

  2. Janet, you give a voice to the end of summer. All is in transition now, and we have to find the beauty in each day.

  3. Mike,thank-you. I love the challenge of trying to write to a prompt, but I'm sure you agree there is nothing like the poem that is suddenly inspired by a word or a thought you simply grab on to and see where it takes you:) What is the quote by Carl Sandburg? something to the effect of 'commanding a poet to write a poem is like telling a pregnant woman to give birth to a red-haired baby':)

    Hi Mary, Thank-you, yes we try to drink in the beauty now for it is unraveling as we speak!

  4. What a delight! I particularly like this: 'As unseen fingers strip the earth'

  5. earlybird, thank-you so much. is 'every tree a flower' right now in Australia?


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