Thursday, October 6, 2011

Random Realizations

Happiness can be as simple
As a delectable journey
To the end of a pear
Or the bottom of a mug
...or the bittersweet tug
of the last chapter
Sometimes sorrow waits
In the yawn of a dark October night
As we suddenly hear nothing
But the realization
That the crickets have gone
And a sigh like a half-prayer
escapes our lips
and slips into the blue canyon
Of round, empty sky
Somehow much larger
Without a cricket’s lullaby
spiraling in fragmented lay
across the remnants of the day
...If I had known you were leaving so soon
I would have waited
And waved good-bye



  1. Thank-you, Violet. I perched on the porch with a cup of tea the other night and realized the night is still.

  2. I'm spending so much time trying to learn by reading books on poetry, I'm falling behind in checking with my friends.

    This is another poem that belongs in in one of those books as an example of what poetry is supposed to look like.

  3. Someday I hope to be able to read again.Thank-you so much for your words.

    This poem began when I told my daughter, as I bit into a near perfect pear...sometimes happiness is as simple as biting into a pear.

    Last night they were watching me eat a huge apple. suddenly one of them grabbed it and took a bite from the other side. She said I looked like I was enjoying it so much that she wanted to taste it too:)) My son then added, Mom, no one eats an apple like you. You make it look so good that we all want one too! I think its a poet thing;-)

  4. Yes, happiness can be a very simple thing. Truly most joys, I think, are in the small moments if we take time to reflect on them.

    I like this poem, and the ending is wonderful. So many times we don't take time 'to wait' and regret it after it is too late.

    (I am following your blog now on Google Reader. I enjoy your work and than you for visiting my Haiku today as well.)

  5. Mary, I appreciate your thoughts very much. I think to see God we must look, not at the great things but at the small momentous joys at our finger-tips. (of course, I am speaking as a healthy person without pain...)

    Thank-you for following me on google reader. I look forward to your poem every day!


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