Thursday, October 20, 2011

Points to Ponder

So, where do people really go when they ‘just go away’?
And how can melancholy flow in twenty shades of gray?
Are love and sorrow intertwined; pure gold or tainted brass?
When we are old will bitter wine or sugar fill our glass?

Does joy or sadness dominate the measure of our thought?
Do we regret mistakes we’ve made or just that we got caught?
Will laughter or heartache consume the ever-hastening years?
If one should die before we wake will love sweeten our tears?

Did God make new-born babies extra-dear because He knew
That life with all its maybe’s needs a perfect smile or two?
Are wrinkles really all that bad, or looking old a sin?
If God allowed us to go back, oh, where would we begin?

Are we the kind of friend to others, we should like to have?
As brother defends brother, is there one that is born brave?
If freedom’s cost is worth the fight will we redeem it then,
By how we live upon this earth and treat our fellowmen?

Janet Martin


  1. Thought provoking and beautiful~
    Pondering gets to the heart of the matter! Well Done~

  2. Funny where the mind can travel while soaking in bubbles...I decided to jot a few of them into a poem. To cover all of it would be an epistle;)

    Thank-you for visiting and for your words.
    p.s. You will be a cover-girl yet:)

  3. Janet love all the beautiful thoughts to ponder in this lovely piece. :-)

  4. Hi Carrie, Thank-you for dropping by and for your kind words.


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