Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Perfect Shade of Blue

Ragged, clouds, rusted out, nods, glaze, blade, bridges, drag, stretched,

straighten, rolling, beginning,

every now and then I still can see it

spilling from the ragged edge of a cloud

or tinting frost-glazed crab-grass

beneath the bridge

where we sat, dreaming out loud

and heaven would pass

softly beneath fingertips

and smiling lips

as long, barefoot afternoons

stretched across our sighs

reaching to the blue moon

and we would drag our toes across

the gurgling surface of June’s beginning,

but the rolling force of love's rushing streams

straightens our lop-sided fantasies

pointing our faces forward instead of back

to where I still can see

the perfect shade of blue

before you closed your eyes

and cold November's sky

nods over rusted-out dreams.



  1. Beautifully wordled, Janet. I like so many of your images.

    Love especially:

    "we would drag our toes across

    the gurgling surface of June's beginning"

    Wordles are great fun, aren't they?

  2. Yes Mary, they are because we never know quite for sure where they will lead;)Thank-you for stopping by.

  3. Lovely languid poem. Until the rather bleak end - which I like very much too.

  4. Some beautiful imagery here Janet! A wonderful use of the wordle words, I really enjoyed reading this. :-)

  5. A lovely poem Janet with some great imagery.
    I love the idea of sitting and 'dreaming out loud'.

  6. Your imagery is phenomonal! I love this piece! I will be back to read more!

  7. Janet- I agree- this is so vivid and beautiful... I especially like what Mary pointed out and:

    as long, barefoot afternoons
    stretched across our sighs

  8. Janet, This quite vivid and lovely. Well wordled.


  9. Beautiful and sad, a poignant piece of writing. Your word choices are wonderful; I enjoyed this very much.

  10. “Heaven would pass softly beneath fingertips and smiling lips.” What a perfect description of love.

    Without the note, no one would ever know this was from a wordle.

  11. Thank-you Mike, Yes, that is definitely one side of love. Ironically, so are November's skies. that is when we find out if we have what it takes, huh?

  12. rusted dreams shall not hinder us,

    keep dreams coming.

    profound piece.

  13. Here, here. Here's to dreams. Thank-you~

  14. Your imagery is fantastic in this piece, pulling us through the feelings seasons evoke. Gorgeous and profound. I love it.


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