Friday, October 14, 2011

Missing You

Today it is not enough
To know the same rain
Creases our worlds
I long for warm fingers on my back
The mouth of the sea
Teasing your toes
And mine
I want you more today
In the rain
Its patter amplifying
The pain
Of emptiness where
You used to be
All around me
Before trees swept scarlet tears
Into pictures of
By-gone years
And faded love
The sodden leaves
Losing their chatter,
Dead beneath my feet
It is the end of another summer
Time turns the corner
At the end of the street
It does not see me
Begin to wave good-bye
Stark chimney-flutes
Like giant corn-pipes
Slice the moping sky



  1. Janet, a few days ago it was 80. Now it is 46.

    Love those storm photos of yours!

  2. I know! We can't complain...but I miss it:(

    Thank-you for visiting.


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