Monday, October 3, 2011

Making Something...

We’re not just making supper or sweeping floors

Though it may seem like we’re just doing life’s chores

We read the newspaper, the Bible, a book

It appears like reading but take one more look

‘cause we’re making something…

We take out the garbage, and in endless miles

We hang out more laundry beneath autumn smiles

There’s scolding and holding, hello and good-by

We’re not really thinking as the swift minutes fly

That we’re making something

The van’s out of gas, fuel prices sky-rocket

The pantry needs filling, re-vamp the budget

For supper’s dessert there is apple strudel

Who left smelly socks on the coffee table?

Yes, we’re making something

Now finish your homework please, don’t look so sad

Kids, stop your arguing, listen to your dad

Tidy your bedrooms; that means make your beds too

If you help me I have a surprise for you

Oh, we’re making something

A house is a shell with a roof and a floor

Curtains at the window, a pretty front door

Through which messes and music and memories unfurl

‘cause we’re making the most beautiful thing in the world

We’re making a home

Janet Martin

I cleaned out the pantry and the little guys I baby-sit had fun building a Folger's Coffee Tin tower. (note: kids love playing with non-toys. Their imagination flies...) It turned out a little slanted and Michael said, 'Yeah' it's the Eiffel tower!' ( I think he was thinking of the leaning tower of Pisa, but it was so cute:)


  1. Yes, a home (like ourselves) is perfect in it's imperfections :) I love how you re-used the coffee containers as toys ~ kids really do love playing with non-toys, don't they... Hope you're having a great day :)

  2. Hi Megan, Let's see if my internet works a little better today... I think the comment I left you got lost. and by the time I had these comments posted my internet was gone!

    It is the imperfections, not the perfection that keeps it real, isn't it? Though we strive for the best we can be, it will never be perfect! As for those coffee tins, they ask for them each day they are here which is 2 or 3 days a week. They've been a farm, goal posts, castle, drums, kick the cans and make a lot of noise...:)
    I'll try commenting again on your post when the kids are off to school.
    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Anthony, thank-you very much. Home is something we each have our own memories of and that is what makes each home special:)

  4. Oh this is just so LOVELY! :o)

  5. Hi Deborah, Thank-you so much for dropping by and for your words.


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