Sunday, October 2, 2011

Looking for Love (Sunday Wordle Challenge)

She hides in a closet and covers her ears
The darkness a circle to hide all her tears,
While Mommy and Daddy are fighting and yelling
When can she be happy? There’s really no telling
as she whispers to a myriad of ghosts on the wall
“I just need someone to love me, that’s all”
In that dank, fearful corner, the darkness her cover
She can’t help but wonder; will anyone love her?
And she cries…..looking for love

With sad eyes she searches through the smoke and the gloom
A drunken hero lurches across the bar-room
Is he coming to see her, touch her face, say she’s sweet?
Or promise an adventure in a room down the street
In the arms of a stranger, cobbled concrete above her
She risks all the danger; she needs someone to love her
She moans as she’s thinking and remembers her deed
She weeps as she’s drinking and drowning her need
And she cries…..looking for love

She panics in fear for the signs soon will show
And people will sneer for her deed they will know
She weeps for the sorrow that grows in her womb
No hope for tomorrow, how loveless her doom
Lost, alone, with no answer she heeds cold advice
That snuffs out the heart-beat with fingers of ice
She lies in a puddle of hatred and grief
Recalls how she’d huddle in the dark for relief
And she cries…..looking for love

Someone is standing in the door of a chapel
She sees they are handing out shiny red apples
Her deep inner hunger is a cold raging fire
She can wait no longer for her life-time desire
She’s drawn to the church by a kind-hearted smile
But she’s reaching for more than the fruit on a pile
As she gazes in longing at the warm, tender face
Her search for belonging accepts love’s embrace
And she cries….looking for love

And now there is peace, there’s a light in her gloom
A sweet, sweet release from her valley of doom
Some one has told her of a great God above
How He longs to hold her in His arms of love
Now she has a Father, a Savior and friend
Her searching is over as joyful tears blend
With tears of great sorrow for days of deep loss
But there’s hope for tomorrow at Calvary’s cross
And she smiles……for she has found love

Janet Martin


  1. The gift of hope and peace and belief amidst chaos is precious. I am glad that she found her way. Well wordled.

  2. A passionate wordle. The excellent structure makes the story work well.

  3. Mary and Viv, I respect both of your work immensely. Thank-you so much.

  4. This worked so well as you carried us through all of these stages that explained the deep seated need and longing for love.

    I really like the repeat of "And she cries…..looking for love"

    You really used the wordle words well. :-)

  5. Stanza one: an accurate description of a child in a dysfunctional home.

    Stanza two: an accurate description of that child's life after leaving a dysfunctional home.

    Stanza three: an accurate description of the tragedy resulting from the bad decisions of the product of a dysfunctional family.

    Stanza four: the step most from dysfunctional families never take.

    Stanza five: The answer for those who do.

    Good theme, good form, good poem.

  6. Mike, We have a local pregnancy center, FULL of heart-breaking stories... and in all of them I think the underlying factor is...looking for love....and sadly, the end I penned is fictitious for most, but not all. Praise God, and God bless those who unwaveringly sacrifice to help these girls/woman.

  7. Susannah and Morning, I really appreciate your words. Susannah, I thank you for assuring me about that repeat line...sometimes it works, other times not. When I wrote this I sort of wrote it as a song and the repeat line seemed to fit.


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