Friday, October 7, 2011

Live and Learn

I’ve often sighed as I’ve wryly stated
I wish there was a trial run
For the word alone is under-rated
And misunderstood for one
Yet, everyone else seems to have all the answers
I wish I had their point of view
‘Cause when it comes to this thing called ‘parenting’
I sure could use a lesson or two

Then just as I think I have figured it out
--the remedy certain to ‘fix’
God smiles and adds an entirely new
Personality to the mix
And all I have learned I can toss to the wind
‘Cause it doesn’t work on ‘this one’
As, at the end of the day I sigh and I pray
Oh, for a trial run

One day I gazed into the face of my child
As he sat through an interpretation
Of the who, the what, the where and why
For my sensible explanation
He looked a little perplexed and wide-eyed
And I smiled as I saw that he did
I said, my dear one, I guess there’s no trial run
Either, for being a kid



  1. Oh, how sweet! It would be nice if we all had a little book telling us how to handle tough decisions or difficult personalities... but I guess we do have one book, don't we? It may not tell us how to do everything or handle every specific situation, but it offers such wisdom and guidance :)

    By the way ~ thanks for offering your opinion on what to do with my Saltbox sketch, I was thinking along the same lines as you :) I also changed the post by adding watercolors to some of the sketches :) Let me know what you think since you saw the 'before' as well (and maybe see what your daughter thinks? I'd love for her to critique my work!) Many blessings to you :)

  2. Megan, whatever would we do without that Book? and why is it so easy to forget to turn to it?:)

    Oh, I love the water-color you added. It is perfect!
    I will show Melissa sometime. She won't be home very much in the next couple of days, so it might be next week.

    Have a beautiful week-end. It is like summer time here!

  3. It was beautiful here as well... perfect weather I'd say. Glad we both shared in that good fortune :) Also my mom surprised me this afternoon and picked up my kids ~ they're spending the night with my parents :) My husband & I went out on a little dinner date. So nice to be able to do that once in awhile :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Janet, I love this poem. So very true. No trial runs for parents or kids. One just has to hope that if one makes a mistake one can correct it, with little harm done.

  5. Thank-you Mary,

    I am hearing the sound ring of experience in this comment?:))
    I try to remember a mistake is not a wasted experience, unless we refuse to learn from it and keep repeating it.

  6. This one really rang true with me. Delightful.

  7. It's all trial and error. A good day is one where the errors are kept to a minimum, and you can face yourself in the mirror.

  8. Thank-you Viv and Mike. It is true. The rotten days when you KNOW you handled something very badly are those we try not to repeat!


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