Saturday, October 22, 2011

Listening to the Silence

They say that walls cannot talk
and it may be true most of the time.
It has been years since I passed the little cabin
tucked between hemlock, cedar and pine.
The windows that used to laugh and beg
are lonely, dark and sad.
The room no longer smells of spruce
or fresh paint and turpentine.
The wind moans through hollow black eyes
teasing the ivy vine
dangling in the yawn where a door once creaked.
I am sitting alone listening to the silence.

It was hot that night
and the moon was so low that the pine spires
nearly touched its lenient, friendly smile
The breeze tousled the ferns and whispered
in a reckless sense of style
as the night cajoled us with nature’s orchestra
It was hot that night and we were alone.
Too far away from home for fear
and still too close for comfort.
In the quiet I hear you asking,
mostly with your eyes,
and I hear my reply, in like manner.
I am sitting alone, listening to the silence.

Janet Martin


  1. I really like what you wrote Janet! The picture is very beautiful as well.

  2. Thank-you for stopping by, August, and for your kind words.

  3. You captured the sadness of lost love. Your silence is painful but full of happy memories.

  4. Beautifully written and can sense the silence!
    ".... the ivy vine
    dangling in the yawn where a door once creaked."
    Great imagery and much silence felt, though you even have a marvelous picture accompanying!!

  5. Cool! beautifully and smoothly written... I feel the warmth of past love memories...

  6. The poem is wonderful. A story in so few words. There is a cabin like this in my past too.

  7. Thank-you so much! I loved this prompt, and I appreciate your kind thoughts.

  8. A beautiful, pensive poem, full of lovely phrases.

  9. very nicely written. Lovely and haunting images. Well done.


  10. You write of desolation’s beauty—it should be an oxymoron, and yet, you make me want to be there.

  11. 'Beware the poet's eye' that not from a poem you wrote a while back? I guess the same applies here. I'm glad we are able to see into the moment, not merely onto it:) Thank-you for your words.

  12. An excellent poem full of beauty and sadness. I really felt the emotion you put into it.

  13. Laura, thank-you so much for visiting and for your kind words.


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