Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kitchen Window

Through this framed square the seasons pass

Time's languid whispers on the grass

As parents with a tender eye

Watch its swift slideshow flicking by

They reach but they cannot restrain

The pictures passing through this frame

It frames the wak'ning of the earth

Of bud and spring, of hope and mirth

Of tiny, bumbling baby feet

Discovering nature, curious, sweet

Where Time for one brief moment halts

Before it cart-wheels, somersaults

On sapphire backdrop scenes unfold

In summer’s laughing hour of gold

A frame where dogs and children run

Toward the bar of setting sun

Their voices falling on the eve

Like drops of rain or drifting leaves

…and autumn paints its pictures too

Murals of amber, red and blue

Yet, as we struggle to recall

The fleeting essence of them all

We grasp, at best, upon our hearts

Impressionistic works of art

Through this stark frame a life unfolds

'Neath summer's sun and winter's cold

As restless moments leap and fly

In ethereal prisms to the sky

We let our tears fall without shame

For it is such a precious frame

Janet Martin


  1. I love this poem . . . and the picture? You really do have a lot of rolling pins.

  2. My strongest weakness-I'm an all or nothing kind of person, betcha you couldn't tell! at one time in my life I collected rolling pins. I have approximately 120 different types...why? Beats me.Think I could sell them on e-bay? When my kids friend's ask me why I collect them I say, 'oh, you know, so that someday when someone is trying to explain to you who the old lady is that just died they can say, you know, that lady with all the rolling pins'! :)))


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