Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's You

It’s an ache in my chest that will not go away
It’s a soft blue caress when the skyline is gray
It’s a whisper of hope when I feel like I’m through
It’s you…

It’s a smile on my lips when my heart’s in my throat
It’s your warm finger-tips beneath winter’s harsh coat
It’s the long in love’s suffering, yes, that is true
It’s you

It’s the want in my wish, love; the song in my dance
It’s one thing I am sure of in life’s game of chance
It’s a heart full of laughter though bills are past due
It’s you

It’s the breeze that blows troubles like bubbles afar
It’s a piece of my childhood, like evening’s first star
It’s everything that I dream of coming home to
It’s you

Yes, it’s you, little girl
Little bright-eyed boy
Life’s smile in the world
Love’s heart-beat of joy
It darling and beautiful
And so precious too
It’s everything wonderful
It’s you


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    bless you.

    love your blog, charming style.


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