Friday, October 14, 2011

Heart Lessons

In youth we desire
To hold and touch
The things so dear to us
But life takes as it gives
Teaching us in its Passing
How to hold in our hearts
What we can no longer hold
In our arms
Teaching us
That we own nothing
And what life gives
Briefly at best
It will re-claim
That love comes in moments
Not a lifetime
That joy is something we choose
Not something that arrives on our doorstep
Like a parcel, special-delivery
A heart is surely stronger than arms
And larger
There is always room
For one more


There is a sense of loss in the sudden silence
As morning clamor fades gradually,
moving to the end of the driveway
then carried away on a big yellow bus.
Realization leaps from the clutter left behind
and we wash dishes thankfully.
We hold in our hearts those who would have stayed
And those who choose to leave…

Note: Emily, our oldest daughter, drives to school.
Above is the 'clamour' (aka arguing, teasing, debating,)
that moves to the end of the driveway before being carried off on the bus:)
Melissa 17,
Matt 13,
Victoria 10

Good Times!


  1. There are so many important life-lessons in your words! I keep reading it over and over, and every time I get something new from it :)

    Nice group photo! Next year both of mine will be leaving for school... it will be bittersweet I think.

    Time spent washing dishes is great for reflecting, isn't it?

  2. Oh Megan, these thoughts suddenly poured into me as I stood at the kitchen sink, after the bus pulled away, tugging my heart in its departure.

    Enjoy this year. Yet, as life takes one precious stage, it offers another, like turning the page in a really good book! and this one is non-fiction;)

    It seems I have a lot of 'reflection time:)


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