Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Against the blue and frosted slope

I see a somber throng

Like matadors robbed of their cloaks

Or minstrels with no song

A thickened sort of quiet lies

Against the rugged cusp

Where winds, like stiff-starched orderlies

Have stripped sweet summer’s lust

And up into the vaulted sky

I hear the murmur of good-bye

Against the ruby thread of dawn

I see a silhouette

A lonesome sort of picture drawn

In frames of sorrow, yet

A battle-song of beauty moans

From thorns without their bloom

In dark and muted undertones

It warms earth’s stricken tomb

As petal-tear of flow’r and leaf

Imbrues the sphere with nature’s grief

Against the tumult of the heart

A tender peace resides

For as in seasons of the earth

God’s faithfulness abides

When life is rich with vibrant bloom

Or stripped of mortal cheer

He whispers in the aching gloom

To tell us He is near

And over autumn’s garb subdued

We breathe a prayer of gratitude

Janet Martin

The landscape shivers in the still of dawn,

Naked and stark as summer’s final chapter decks the frosty ground…

A sad beauty prevails…

It tugs the spectator’s heart in equal forces of joy and grief

Ah, tis true as the old poet said, ‘there is a flower in every leaf’


  1. This is lovely Janet. I always admired poets who could so effortlessly rhyme. I am no good at it. Enjoyed this so much.


  2. Thank-you Melanie, ..and I am trying to learn the art of UN-rhymed poetry. So far the rhyme flows more naturally from me but writers like yourself are great teachers and inspiration.

  3. Hi Janet,

    I like the kind of poetry you write...amazing!
    It is very honest with no tinch of deliberate
    attempt of craftsmanship.It is very natural.
    I was looking some for some photographs and
    gatecrashed into your blog.
    Later I read these poems in free time during
    office hrs.The photographs too complement to
    the verses.
    Keep writing more!!!
    all the best.


  4. I have to tell you that your comment touches me immensely and inspires me to not give up! Thank-you for taking the time to read and encourage!


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