Friday, October 7, 2011

A Few Contradictions to my 'Words are all we Have' Poem

Conversations with You

The way you walk through me in the still of the day

Or weep in the heart of a sigh

Insipid distraction fades, shrivels away

With naught but a wink of your eye

As you tug at me from across crowded floor

Though not a whisper is heard

Beneath us worlds tremble, we start for the door

With never an uttered word



Conversation with a Teenager

A huff, a puff

A stomp, a sigh

The stare, the glare

The ‘blank look’ eye,

The frown, the scowl

The slam, the shrug

The silent relenting

In the power of a hug




You forgave me

In your own sweet style

Redemption washed through me

In the glow of your smile



  1. Oh my, have you ever captured well the conversation with the teenager! Rough years...LOL.

  2. Yes, it has its moments:)

    I wrote this poem after a comment on the poem 'Words are all we Have' reminded me that a hug can speak volumes. That got me to thinking about some 'conversations' where no words were needed to make a point. I think my kids would say 'the look' is one of those non-verbal words.

    Thank-you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I like the way your mind works. Many poets get that spark of an idea, but few turn it into something beautiful, times three.

  4. Funny how certain 'conversations' spark thought:)


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