Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Wordle

Morning intrudes on the darkness, and scrawls

A rose tinted circle onto night’s concrete walls

Its paint washes over the dull cobbled stone

Fearful hope and deep longing rival for the heart’s throne

Some view the dawning as an adventure ahead

Others feel the weight of its noose ‘round their neck

Earth’s temple is silent; the air is as still

As the church with no parishioners against the blue hill

A myriad of wishes rides on the sharp breeze

A sigh with no face stirs lost memories

…and suddenly I remember I am not alone

The signs of God’s mercies awake with the dawn.

Janet Martin

Lamentations 3:22-23

After witnessing Light break through a seemingly dense wall

I was inspired to pen one more wordle.


  1. Really nicely done. I enjoyed greatly the sense of "presence" and of "emptiness", the balance that lead one to the excellent ending.

  2. And a beautiful inspiration it was too.
    A lovely wordle indeed.

  3. "Morning intrudes on the darkness, and scrawls

    A rose tinted circle onto night’s concrete walls "

    ... that is beautiful! :-)

  4. Thank-you sincerely, each of you, for visiting and for your kind words of encouragement.

  5. I had to wait until I finished my wordle poem before coming here. I knew if I read yours first, I wouldn't even try. And this is only the first one I came to, there is at least one more. Only the brightness of your poem keeps me from being severely depressed.

  6. Mike,
    I'm glad to know this poem has served some good. Do you ever ask yourself why? what for? other than, that it is something which is a satisfying out-let personally? I do. I pray that it is used for good and encouraging, or makes someone smile or sigh somewhere, just once, then it will not be in vain...or like you said, understandable slices of beauty, love and adventure, written to touch the emotions and I hope I can see your wordle. Yesterday the internet died shortly after lunch. It seems fine this morning...


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