Monday, February 7, 2011


Years earlier it was I
Sitting on a blankets of dreams
Beneath a patterned sky
Whilst on the horizon gleams
The better day, the better day
Envisioned clarity
Beyond my present structured way
Its perfect form I see

Years earlier it was I
Gazing beyond the stars
Dreaming of when I would fly
Beyond my prison bars
Content in my discontent
Dreaming without a care
Before shadows of faded intent
Stretched to an empty chair

Years earlier it was I
Pressing against my skin
The silent wanderers cry
The invisible next of kin
Waiting to be embraced
Beyond the tall brown hedge
Where proper girls were raised
And starving dreams were fed

Years earlier it was I
Tossing pennies in the well
Where dreams were butterflies
And hope a blooming shell
No dead husks at her feet
Or tangled, brown tree roots
To line a silent street
Crowned with chimney flutes

I watch; she stands and stares
Through the frosty glass
I envision her unanswered prayers
In child-hood envy pass
She did not know I heard it
That restless little sigh
Yes, I know all about it
Years earlier it was I


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