Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Truth about You.....

There is nothing incidental about you
You re-define things, like the color blue
You take the little nothings of my day
And make them extra-ordinary in your beautiful way…….

I love the way the darkness falls on your face
Softening your eyes, every line I would trace
You are my one special ‘no regret’
A lazy afternoon, sweet-warm sun over-head

The untouchable shadows in me, you pervade
I release my misgivings and watch them fade
Into the soft sky of purple and blue
Where past sorrows lie on yesterday’s dew

You pour into me the essence of youth
Love is not some far-flung truth
Nor is it a quick-flash, raging desire
Love is a long and slow-burning fire

Once we were strangers; and I never knew
The truth about love until I loved you
Darling, we’ve come a long way since then
I wish we could start all over again


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