Thursday, February 10, 2011

To My Child

Once, I too was young enough
To be empty of intent, even to love
White-eyed worry never crossed my mind
Life was flurry as free as the wind
But that was a little too long ago
I’ve not always been a mother, you know

Once I did things mothers do not do
My miles were a slow train to nowhere too
I had days that seemed harsh and unfair
When mother was surely too busy too care
The dark rim of the hilltops blotted my view
Oh honey, once I was just like you

The geranium cannot grow without water
Once, long ago while I was still just a daughter
Love nurtured every leaf and bough
Given by my mother in the best way she knew how
Her words were odd and old-fashioned too
As she told me 'once I was just like you'

But now the dull pane past which long hours crept
Has given me scenes I have looked on and wept
The yard rings with praises that strum in my soul
While motherhood gazes life’s halves become whole
I brush from my cheek the kiss of life’s dew
For I cannot speak, once I was like you


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