Monday, February 28, 2011

Something to Think About.....

Fences are erected to separate things
Walls are built to contain
But thought respects neither as on lucid wings
It drifts over valley and plain
There is no distance it cannot fly
No height that it cannot scale
A catalyst of imagery
That we do not dare to unveil…….

If I should leave unguarded
My rampant trail of thought
I fear that it would desecrate
Each virtue I've been taught
If I should lie without restraint
Within my fantasy
It would take me to a place
Where I should never be...............

….and though we cannot build fences
Or walls to contain our thought
We must learn to master this fiend
And think the things we ought
'We are what we eat' the saying goes
Our thoughts are much the same
If we are weak and undisciplined
We have only ourselves to blame


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