Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Old Man Winter

High in the tresses of deep evergreen
The north wind tosses each bough
Futile the caresses of brilliant sunshine
He laughs and continues to blow
Dipping into each hollow and dell
With his gifts of ice and snow

In one heedless flourish he transforms the girth
Of river and wooded hill
Delivering to them in triumphant mirth
The garb of winter’s chill
As the green, blue and golden palettes of earth
Submit to his frigid will

Somewhere the tropical breezes enhance
The turquoise swells of the sea
And somewhere the frolicking sunbeams dance
To a sun-kissed melody
Somewhere bare feet dash across whitewashed sands
Where soul and spirit roam free

And soon the reaches of that fair domain
Will begin her subtle invasion
Soon the cold wind will howl in vain
As earth stirs to a warmer sensation
Bidding farewell to old man winter again
As we send him on a long vacation


Matthew thought this snow day was great at first…
No school!!!!
Now he hates it…no hockey either!

Here are a few collages of winter at our house....

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