Monday, February 21, 2011


Between the tall buildings
The towers, sky-scrapers
Below the rewards of
Man’s greatest endeavors
There, at the base
Of grand architecture
Is the most amazing
And intricate creature

Though buildings may draw
Grand admiration
And we stand in awe
At an artists creation
The inevitable remains
This is simply a street
Lined with structures
Of steel and concrete

But every last man
In all of the masses
Though he lingers admiringly
Or hurriedly passes
Is of equal value
In the Creators eyes
We are His workmanship
Bought with a price

Buildings will crumble
There is nothing so grand
As to be immortal
Or above the command
Of One, who created
Not of stone or wood
But blew on the dust
And made flesh and blood

Concrete and steel
Will crumble and rust
Flesh and blood
Will return to dust
But within every man
And beyond our control
Dwells the immortal
The undying soul


Architecture is such a pleasure
To behold
The completion
Of a great dream
But as I stood gazing in admiration
As crowd upon crowd rushed by
It suddenly struck me,
Every single person, in every single city
Or in the remotest corner of the earth
Never escapes the eyes of his Creator.
Architects dream, build, die
None of their work will remain eternally
But every man, woman, child, baby
Who breathes upon this earth
Will meet their Creator!
Hallelujah, He has also given to everyone
Living Hope
For the soul that will never die.

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