Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Poem

When the touch of your lips has cooled on my skin….I love you
When you’re a million miles away again….I love you
When the fields where we danced have lost their glow
And the hills of chance are covered in snow…..I love you
When it’s raining outside at one a.m…..I love you
When tear-drops are love's bitter gem…….I love you
When all the books in all the world
Fail to touch the thoughts I hold….I love you
When you’re a hundred poems away….I love you
When you forget the words I say….I love you
I love your hands, your lips, your eyes
In them I fall through weightless skies…and I love you
When silence replaces our carefree laughter…I love you
In the middle, before and after…..I love you
When each sigh is breathed in vain
As I cry for love's kind pain….I love you
When all the roses’ petals fade…
When we relinquish plans we’ve made….I love you
When passions dreams lie in the dust
And it seems all we have is trust….I love you
When you breathe against my ear
Or you’re a half a world from here…..I love you
Morning, noon or in the night….
When your eyes have lost their light….I love you
Without beginning and without end…
Where the dark and light shades blend….I love you
In every silent, longing breath….I love you
Forever and ever, in life or death…..I love you


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