Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love Me.....

Tell me what you’re thinking
I can see a shadow in your eye
Darling, show me what you’re feeling
I know; love’s a hard-won fight
Take me in your arms, dear
This old world’s a sullen place
And I feel so much better
As I look into your face

And love me, darling love me
Not the way you used to do
For as sure as God’s above me
I know our love is true
And the way you used to love me
Is a tiny stepping-stone
To the Rock within the tempest
And the love within the storm

Tell me of the silent sorrow
Flickering in your blue gaze
Darling, won’t you hold me closer
Warm me in love’s tender blaze
I can hear the cold wind weeping
And the wolves are at the door
Hide me in love’s humble keeping
As life’s breakers pound the shore

And love me, darling, love me
In your arms I will not fear
I’m not asking for an ocean
Just the love behind your tear
I feel so much stronger
When I’m holding to your hand
Two as one become a fortress
As life’s torrents sweep the sand

…..and love me, darling, love me
As the bitter fight we brave
Though winds may rage above me
It can’t reach beneath the wave
As life’s billows rise around us
Hold me close within its gale
For a miracle has found us
And I know love will not fail


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