Monday, February 21, 2011

In My Hurry

I never treasured you
As I should have
Or even recognized you
For whom you would be
….and now you are gone
I can never have you back
You will not return
So I can hold you again
The way you should be held….
To fully touch and taste you
I remember your scent
It taunts me now
You have become
The ache in my throat
The silent bleeding in my heart
I write of you
For you haunt me
In the misty morning
Or in the quiet low-light of the day
Or when the night is the color of you……
Intangible blue
Am I in love with you?
….or simply mourning the passing of myself
You have never changed
You are
And have always been
The past………
The irretrievable, untouchable past
Tomorrow, today’s raw, relentless wind
Will join you
As soft rain begins to fall


Never let the moment
You hold slip away
Lest, while you’re not looking
It becomes


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