Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For Love Alone..........

Do not love me for my gold or raven locks
Do not love like a new spell-binding song
Or like the brook that chatters over rocks
A momentary fling before it’s gone
Oh darling, love me always
For the sake of love alone

And do not say that this is why
I love you so; or else pretend
I’ll never change; flowers die
We cannot know how shades of life may blend
So darling, love me always
Like a true and mutual friend

Oh, do not love me for some worth
That I’m unable to retain
There is nothing on this earth
That to me is greater gain
Than to hear you say you love me
Darling, say those words again……

…….and love me not because I’m young
Or because my eyes are blue
Or for something I have done
Or for a promise old or new
Love me for the sake of love alone
For darling, so I love you


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