Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Dream...........

I pushed my dreams aside……..
There were babies to hold
And tears to be dried
There were cheeks to kiss
And beds to make
Dust bunnies to catch
And cookies to bake
There were toys to pick up
And clothes to mend
Suppers to cook
And gardens to tend
Children to bathe
And stories to read
Messes to clean up
And bread dough to knead
And now and then a little gleam
As I recall a fading dream….

……..I pushed my dreams aside
There were bills to pay
Someone needed a ride
There was hockey and homework
And basket-ball too
Music recitals
And shopping to do
There were hands to hold
And fears to calm
Floors to sweep
The cookies are gone
Dishes to wash
Laundry to fold
Oh Lord, how fast
I’m growing old
And in my eyes the soft tears gleam
As I realize I’m living the dream


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