Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Even now, in the frigid low-light of the day
Though I cling tenaciously, they slip away
As the moon in soft, translucent glow
Spreads her charcoal art-work on the snow
Even now, these tranquil moments spend
Their one brief gasp, to begin and swiftly end
These chapters

The ocean appears a formidable and fearless force
It ebbs and flows, it shifts and rolls and roars
But mightier still, as from the shore I gaze
Is time’s unaltered will, the reckless speeding of my days
I cannot stop the wave though I protest and plead
Nor can I seal the grave of history’s insatiable need
Of chapters

What can I do but smile and weep, hold on, let go
The things I keep are like the shadows on the snow
Perfect in the moment they are cast
A precious, silent memory when they’ve passed
But we turn back the pages now and then
Silent musings written without pen
These chapters


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