Monday, February 14, 2011

Beyond My Window........

Beyond my window lies the field
A cold and placid icy shield
It does not smile or even wink
--Shrugs off the skies of muted pink
Nor does it yield in slight relent
To speak of warmer hours spent
Here lies the frozen, silent vale
Beneath the blue and moaning gale

So what if she did wear the gown
Of fairest June; the emerald crown
So what if now I sit and swoon
To yearn for summer’s afternoon
And dream of hours slow and lazy
So what of dandelion or daisy
She takes a keener, hard delight
And flaunts her chilling garb of white

Beyond my window to my glares
She returns unflinching stares
While snow-birds skim, swoop low and glide
Above her palm, pale and wide-eyed
No hint of sultry August haze
Or gleaming wheat-fields rippling sways
Boldly she bares her icy arm
And dares the winds of warmer charm

Beyond my window lies a field
Soon, ah soon her crest must yield
To the sunlight’s softening ray
To the lure of spring-times day
Soon her cold and sullen stance
Will be the floor where bare feet dance
Soon her pasturelands will brim
With the sparkling strands of spring


I know....there's been a few 'window' poems recently.
Symptoms of feeling slightly 'caged' perhaps?:)

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