Tuesday, April 2, 2024

A Medley of Happiness Guarantees or Love's Happy-Sad Reality

For today's prompt, we have our first two-for-Tuesday prompt, 
which means you get two prompts. 
You can write to one of the prompts, both the prompts separately,
 or try to write a poem that works with both prompts at the same time. 
The prompts are:
Write a happy poem, and/or...
Write a sad poem.

Some sunny happiness-anticipation mementos today...
While the wind howls, wild as an untrained child!

Happiness Guaranteed

As long as there are boys with joys like fishing, baseball, pups
And girls with pretty curls, and brook-banks strewn with buttercups
And warm handshakes and birthday cakes and laughter, old and young
And spring following winter, and arbors wisteria-hung/strung/flung

And fortunes found in friendships crowned with loyalty and prayer
And skies of blue and work to do and poems still to snare/share
And birds to sing as the morning dissolves the heavens, dark
And simple things like trees with swings, like picnics in the park

Like beauty to behold and shelter from the cold, bold gale
Like hope secure for the soul moored in Love that will not fail
Or, like fresh bread or coffee or berries, sun-warm and sweet
Or gardens, where gladness runs wild as a child in bare feet

As long as two agree and ‘will you marry me’ hears ‘yes’
And babies coo and wonders woo, there will be happiness
As long as you and I try to be kinder every day
And live to bless, then happiness will never lose its way

© Janet Martin

Irreparable Alloy 
In greatest happiness and sadness, love is always chief
The flipside of love's gladness is, inevitably, grief 

The higher love's apex of joy the deeper sorrow's trove
Irreparable alloy; the bitter-sweetest price of love

True love is like a treasure no imposter can attain
A finely mingled measure of profound pleasure and pain

Not for the faint of heart is love's vexatious certainty 
The twain can never part; love's happy-sad reality 

© Janet Martin

Inexorable Irony 
The only way we know for sure that happiness exists
Is because of the sadness that this broken world untwists 
How dumb would be delight's caress, how numb, the rousing cheer
Without sadness to sweeten happiness with bitter tear 

© Janet Martin

Without determined dedication
Without valiant effort
Victory is flavorless


Wilt thou be happy, oh,
  so happy thou couldst burst?  
Well, then,
Forget about thyself; 
and love God first
then fellowmen

© Janet Martin

It's nice to be appreciated and loved
And we all know
That its important, once in a while
To tell each other so!


Wishing one and all a happy day!

Yea, happy is that people, 
whose God is the LORD.
Psalm 144:15 KJV

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