Friday, April 12, 2024

A Funny Business, This

 Today's Poem-a-day challenge from Robert Lee Brewer @ Writer' Digest

'For today's prompt, write a funny poem.
Keep in mind that funny isn't always "ha-ha" funny.
For instance, your poem could include a funny smell
or talk about a funny (or weird) person or situation.
And if you've ever hit your funny bone,
that pain is not making anyone laugh.
So write a funny poem, whether it's for a laugh or not.'

The other evening it was man (woman) against nature
as the lawn rollers showed up before I was quite finished raking
up pine cones etc.! Nature won and woman got drenched
but lawn is raked and rolled! Happy dance!

There is something exhilarating about racing against a storm!
Akin to the exhilaration of being surprised by a kind of joy
we can only discover as we grow older!
The kind of joy only humble gratitude grants!
Gratitude for life's simple things.
Sunsets...(an hour after the storm)


and so much more!

A funny business this;
The older that we get
The more we find joy in what is;
This, not forgotten yet 😂

A funny business this;
The sense that humour grants
Like nicknaming Father Time's kiss
Reliable Romance

Let's laugh; be young at heart
Let's refuse to bemoan
The canvas that showcases art
That rankles/wrinkles skin and bone

Let's not waste happiness
In worry or regret
For every day leaves one day less
Of reasons to forget  😶

Yes, there are pains and aches
Social life turns into 
Gatherings at funerals and wakes
As death collects its due

Honing humble surprise
A funny business this;
The best of life cut down to size
Is Gratitude's sweet bliss

© Janet Martin

Teach us to number our days, 
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.


  1. Loved your post, Janet. And I agree, there is something exhilarating about racing against a storm! Growing up on the farm, we found ourselves racing against coming storms: grabbing dry laundry off the clothesline, hauling the last bales of dry sweet hay into the hayloft before they got wet, grabbing the picnic blankets/food/books/toys and other summer holidays paraphernalia from picnic tables... it all brings a smile now.

  2. Hi Brenda, I grew up on a farm too, and oh, the bliss, not so much for my dad but for us younger stone-pickers, when the weather decided to rain. lol! I can picture all the scenes you described so well! thank-you for your visit and nostalgic memories<3


I hope you enjoyed your pause on this porch and thank-you for your visit!