Saturday, December 3, 2022

Praise God Forever (for His Word)

Psalm 119 is a glorious collection of reflection
on the beauty and authority of God's Word
(surely the poorest in all the world are those without
the wealth of God's word hidden in their hearts
to both console and convict!)
This poem was also somewhat miserably and reluctantly inspired
by the first two lines, but, lest we becomes victims of defeat 
through the lies of the deceiver we plead God's forgiveness,
trust His Word and press on!

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just 
to forgive us our sins, 
and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

For the times when our stumbles humble us unpleasantly
For days we dread and ways we tread, then regret utterly
For guidance and instruction for the times that we are in
For truth to thwart deception and convict us of our sin
For the greatest love story that mankind has ever heard
To give God all the glory, praise His name, we have His word

For battles with discouragement, worriment, and despair
For eagle-wings of hope, for empowerment in our prayer
For truth, absolute truth, no matter what naysayers tout
For joy unspeakable and for dismal duels with doubt
For Light unto our path to keep faith’s focus undeterred
For reminders of how much God loves us, we have His word

For peace that passes understanding in a world of strife
For earnest exhortation for this very sacred life
For preaching and for teaching, for food for undying souls
For God’s tangible presence, for full armor without holes
For the wondrous depiction of the cross, to keep hearts stirred
To count this world but loss, for this, praise God, we have His Word

For training up a child in the right way that they should go
For wisdom undefiled where man's logic shifts to and fro
For strength to fight the good fight till we lay these bodies down
And obtain pardon's prize of an incorruptible crown
For the constant awareness of sin's debt that was transferred
And suffered by the son of God; for this we have His Word

For fellowship with God until we see Him face to face
For thought, speechlessly awed as we contemplate Mercy’s grace
For company of a great cloud of faithful witnesses
For warning to the proud and for enduring promises
For love’s law of sweetest delight, lest judgement becomes blurred
Until faith becomes sight, oh, praise His name, we have God’s Word

For history and prophecy, for everything we need
For the supreme authority of love and judgment's creed 
For kindness and compassion, for correction and reproof
For order for the decency of both elder and youth
For health and wealth and wonder to comfort and undergird
For this and so much more, praise God forever, for His Word 

© Janet Martin

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