Monday, March 8, 2021

Pure Delight's Promise


This wall-art was retired from one of the bedrooms to make room
for fresh décor, so I claimed it for an empty wall by the front door
 to read again and again to remind myself how joy may remain full!

Psalm 37:4

If we delight ourselves in He
Of boundless creativity
Who authored sky and sod and sea
With infinite authority

In He whose promises prevail
Whose love does not falter or fail
Who stands with us when storms assail
When mountains seem too sheer to scale

In He whose plan instills the seed
To sustain our physical need
But did for far more intercede
When from sin’s debt mankind was freed

…who became sin who knew no sin
Once and for all, an offering
Who saw the triumph death would bring
After the cross of suffering

If we delight ourselves in He
Who overthrew the enemy
And denied death its mastery
‘Ah grave, where is thy victory’

If we delight in He who gave
His Son, each one of us to save
So when we brave death’s sullen wave
Heaven, not hell will meet the grave

If delight in He whose art
Steals our breath and death’s cold smart
He will fulfill with joy, His part
In the desires of the heart

© Janet Martin

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