Monday, March 1, 2021

Only God/Love

In the Court of Thought
do you sometimes feel like shouting,
'Order in the house, please!'
That's when hopefully
Humble Prayer rises up
and orders Thought
to 'be still and know 
that He is God/love'!

What a power-house for good or evil every single one of us
 carries on our shoulders, right?!
Around a table full of people
there is always so much more than
meets the eye...
so much more than
Sunday-night supper at Gramma's House...

Some after-homemade-pizza and carrot cake-reflection/digestion😋😊

As we shed innocence, we all struggle at times with that hidden world of thought!
Here's hoping, nay, here's praying we do not try to order thought's steps on our own!

Thought can be a darksome dungeon wrought with dangers in disguise 
Carving warpaths through assumption with the razor-edge of sighs 
Mercy meets us in the moment if we reach beyond the noose 
That inflicts its guarded torment and that only God/love can loose 

Thought can rage, a cage of demons bent on carnage of good cheer 
Who knows what can brim unbidden, havoc hidden in a tear 
Consequence’s score is settled on a stage none can outsmart 
Only God/love can melt the mettle of a cold and bitter heart 

Thought can threaten course of action it ought not to contemplate 
Only God/love can break the pattern wrought by thoughts of spite and hate 
Lest stones heaped for easy access in a quick slip of the tongue 
Hones a hotbed of responses often rude and rashly flung 

Thought can set a deadly snare and snuff the flame the love would fan
Who can bear for long the brute that shakes its fist at fellowman
Hosting a cruel slew of reasons for vengeance to vindicate
Only God/love is fully qualified to set the record straight

Thought can be a harsh task master, sarcastic, heartless and mean 
Authoring certain disaster without God/love to intervene 
Thought alone can never conquer what thought ought not to resound
Only God/love can overcome the foe that rushes Holy Ground

Thought can rise on wings of worship from the belly of despair 
Turn discouragement to courage as hope’s feathers beat the air 
Not by sudden surge of honor as noble logic gives chase 
But by God/love alone who offers and authors goodness and grace

© Janet Martin 

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, 
whatsoever things are honest, 
whatsoever things are just, 
whatsoever things are pure, 
whatsoever things are lovely, 
whatsoever things are of good report; 
if there be any virtue, 
and if there be any praise, 
think on these things.


For the word of God is living and powerful, 
and sharper than any two-edged sword, 
piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, 
and of joints and marrow, 
and is a discerner of the thoughts 
and intents of the heart.

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