Monday, October 26, 2015

While Finding Our Place... Part Two

History gathers into place
Moments meted through our embrace
Like tick-tock offerings of grace
Where years and breath-spheres interlace
…with a Shepherd’s fierce tenderness
He watches us, His faithfulness
Like Morning Light; a kind caress
Where hope and comfort coalesce
…to tune earth’s hills and boulevards
With melodies from natures bards
Like an art gallery, earth’s yards
Showcase Time’s four-season postcards
…and we, with more than luck can trust
The Hand that lavishes the dust
Like kings, wealthy with wanderlust
We dare to miff toil’s lesser must
…to stroll the knoll and troll the air
For pleasantries to ease our care
Like leaf-shaped answers to our prayer
Where laughter clashes with despair
…for it is such a fragile thread
That bears the living from the dead
Like troops on gossamer, we tread
Where no one can rush on ahead
…then return to tell with hushed breath
About Heaven and hell, the truth
Like a prophet, while all the earth  
Hangs in the Belfry Tow’r of Death
…where we are passengers bound for
Eternity; life’s little war
Like a Harbinger where a Door
Opens into Forevermore
…and therefore we cannot afford
To live-laugh-love without the Lord
Like Solomon, pray we all would
Ask God for wisdom through His word

© Janet Martin

October mornings are like heaven-splashes...

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