Friday, October 23, 2015

An Extra-ordinary Invitation

Come; let’s play hooky, you and I
Bypass distracting to-do lists
For a true blue umbrella sky
Where a grand miracle untwists

Come; let’s be truant while our chores
Must wait until another day
Because October’s out-of-doors
Is begging everyone to play

Come; let’s treat our memories
To a slow, autumn afternoon
Drip-dripping from the golden trees
Like honey from a giant spoon

Come let’s be tourists in our yards
Stroll and marvel at Autumn's spree
Where Nature hangs king-size postcards
From every cloud and every tree

Janet Martin

 Wishing you a postcard-perfect Friday!


  1. October's one of my personal favorites, too! We're having a gorgeous day in Maryland, with a perfect mix of golds, reds, greens and blues. Hard to stay indoors and do the chores..

    A beautiful post, Janet.

    1. Thank-you for the tip 'o the hat on your blog. Appreciated!!

  2. We never tire of God's handiwork, do we?! It's another gorgeous one here too before a little bout of rain. I just returned from driving my mother-in-law to an early appointment and what a spectacular drive it was! I'm trying to drum up a few more outdoor chores. Yesterday I collected the last of the flower-seeds and pulled them out. It's too early to rake so maybe i will play the tourist for a little:)

    Sasha, thanks for dropping by and ENJOY October! I like the line from Anne of Green Gables. 'I'm glad I live in a world where there are Octobers'!


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