Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Kisses

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 A few weeks ago I shared Our Favorite Chocolate Cake Recipe(one of my quick go-to's) *Here is another. I started mixing it while Saturday was feeling soft and slow, then suddenly wh-o-o-o-sh! it was gone. After multiple interruptions I returned to finish mixing and baking it just before supper.

Dog-eared lists twist Time’s prudence and passion
Vexing the hours of Saturday’s ration

This weekly portion of slow-exhale bliss
Tempers toil’s edges; sweet Saturday- kiss

Now Mundane-ness dons a friendlier hue
Don’t you love Saturday-eyes; sky-wide blue?

Don’t you love how her skirt shimmers and swirls
Where moments are music and women are girls?

…and Time is a treasure melding to  our hearts
Beautiful pictures that loving imparts

 Once every week Edict lowers her gaze
And soft- kisses cheeks with Saturdays

© Janet Martin

*p.s. Mrs. Abner (Almeda Martin) the lady who submitted the recipe in this book, is my aunt. She is not well right now, suffering from leukemia, and I know she would sincerely appreciate your prayers!

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