Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This Piece of July

There are things we learn we’d return if we could
When it slaps us with its cold truth
But in the long run when its lesson is done
We become wiser; more couth

The slipping and sliding progress we profess
This haggling, hard, headlong stumble
Of duty, desire and sucking quagmire
Of hope and hurt keeps us humble

This piece of July is a blue patch of sky
Sparkle of sun on life’s ocean
Glitter of gold in a long, lonesome hold    
For heartache is not an emotion

Sometimes we pretend, but oh, in the end
Truth cannot be hidden or altered
Thus what we learned is the payoff we earned
There, where our footsteps faltered

Still-subtle course is life’s tick-tocking force
Filling heart-hollows with hunger
Live, love and learn, for there is no return
To days when we were younger

Maybe someday in Time’s mystery-sure way
We will not hurt with hope’s yearning
This piece of July is a blue-heaven sky
Over life’s highway of learning

© Janet Martin

Praying for everyone on this one-step-forward-two-steps-back journey
on life's highway of yearning, earning and learning. the hottest weather we've had so far this year, I have come down with a horrible cold so I stayed home on Sunday morning. I listened to this message instead where no one would be bothered by my coughing and sniffling...

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