Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Embrace the Present

Caught between missing what no longer is
And wondering what yet will be
Filled with a feeling of sad emptiness
As I sense you slipping from me

What good is sorrow; why sift through life’s gold
To finger the silt in its pock?
I must embrace the present in my hold
Ere vaults close that never unlock

This is life’s beautiful, breath-stealing trade
Everything comes, but to pass
We cannot barter with moment-parades
Or flip Time’s grand hour-glass

While we were dreaming you learned how to dance
While we were dancing, I knew
Sooner or later your feet would find wings
…my heart must learn to fly too

So, embrace the present and then let it be 
Lest in thought’s bittersweet trance
Somehow we miss its gladsome melody
And sadly forget how to dance

© Janet Martin

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