Friday, October 25, 2013

Where Only God Can See

Some prayers fall from our lips
Joyful and easily
Others ache within our thought
Where only God can see…

Some prayers  we can shape in word
Free-falls of hope and cheer
Others groan deep in the heart
Where God alone can hear

Some prayers are pleasant to share
As thankful praises flow
Others are so hard to bear
Where only God can know


My friend Glynis could use our prayers today! 



  1. Okay, it's not often I cry to a Johnny Cash song. I can't say I have heard this one before. What beautiful words. Thank you so much for sharing your encouraging words, this day [and always!]

  2. Glynis, you have no idea what a living testimony and inspiration you are to me and I am sure many others too!

    This song made me shed a few too!

  3. ...another tear-jerker from Cash is What is Truth?


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