Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Of 'Once, Those Days...'

We have been waking up to rainy mornings for almost a week! This morning the sky was gorgeous...

We do not live in picture frames
Or echoes of our former days
But once those days were mercy-kissed
As this new day rising from mist

Once, those days were the ‘new’ as now
Dawn tugs night’s mantle from earth’s prow
Where we, with holy acquiescence    
Should take its gift with reverence

...for soon its scribbles, spills and jots
Will fill our pictures frames and thoughts
And soon the ‘now’ will join the haze
Of memories and bygone days…

© Janet Martin

Looking forward to the 'pictures' that await today. Rob's (Emily's Fiancee) family from Nova Scotia arrived last night! They will be here soon to help.


  1. Wish you all the best and may everything goes well and may there be many many many happy moments to cherish for both the families.

  2. Oh how I love your first line about how we don't live in a picture frame. So true and so lovely. I have a favour...can I share this on my Facebook page - especially the ones for writers (Inscribe and TWG)? I love the message.

    (Have I even thanked you for sharing my book here? You are such a sweetheart. Thank you. )

  3. Glynis, you're welcome! and yes, you are also welcome to share anything you like. Thank-you for your ever-encouraging voice to all writers.


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