Monday, October 7, 2013

Thus, Beneath Your Mercy, Lord

 We looked out to see this while we were eating supper...(no, it's not tomorrow:) The timer in my camera is 'off'.

We bear beneath Your mercy, Lord
Life’s triumph and its woe
Gleaning sweet comfort through Your word
As by Your grace we go

Each faltering and fumbling step
Would be our hopeless shame
But You forgive Lord, then forget
Teach us to do the same

The filament of mortal skin
Does not reveal the whole
Lord, you behold what lies within
Of thought and heart and soul

…and yet Your promises remain
You gather our guilt
And wash away its wretched stain
Where once Your blood was spilt

Once and for all You paid our debt
Removing every trace
We are vile creatures Lord, and yet
You save us by Your grace

…and thus beneath Your mercy, Lord
We bear life’s humble due
Teach us, as we look to Your word
How to be more like You

© Janet Martin

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