Sunday, October 27, 2013

A New Chapter Begins...

Its script yet unfathomed
Its page yet unmarred
Its stories unwritten
Where dawn bathes the yard
And morning implores us
To rise; grasp our pen
Beckoning gently
To write once again

We taste Time’s free-fall
We sorrow; we laugh
Dawn fills the air
With its first paragraph
Beneath our fingers
And feet we employ
Ink-drops of anguish
And whispers of joy

Over earth’s concave
And crest; beaming bright
Syllables tumble
In morning’s first light
Grace breathes its bounty
And forgives our sins
We trust Time’s Giver
…a new chapter begins

© Janet Martin

Rob and Emily dropped in before heading to their new home last night and I thought to myself, thus a new chapter begins.

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