Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Celebration Poems

From Poetic Bloomings; Over the course of time, we have stretched the muses and minds of our extremely talented family of poets, with our prompts and forms, interviews and projects. So for this venture, Marie and I ask you to write a “Celebration” poem.   Celebrate your life, an anniversary, a birthday, an event… but do it in the form of a 10 X 10 poem (Ten lines times Ten words per line = 100 words – a century). Thus, we want you to write a Celebration in a Century (Celebration of the Century).

My Life-wish Celebration

I want to live so that when my Hour comes
I will not lie on a deathbed of sad regret
But peacefully then I will relinquish my final, farewell breath
Content to know that in life’s brief, mystic moment flow
I fully danced and freely dreamed and laughed and wept
Daring to fly with faith buoying me above fear’s crypt
So that when the last everlasting sleep steals over me
And sets me free from demons of doubt and want
I will surrender, reaching to Him with weary, ready arms
Satisfied to let go, surrendering softly to heaven’s eternal embrace

© Janet Martin

Celebrating US

We are a band driven by a common, luring thirst
Battling through highs and lows of feeling blessed and cursed
As we suffer blissfully the divine endowment of word vexation
Knowing at any moment we may be perplexed by temptation
In the curves of consonants joined perfectly with certain vowels
Dangling and taunting they whisper, falling from thought’s dripping jowls
As we stir soup or wander among children, women, men
Suddenly, the searing surge to grasp the frond of pen
Consumes our bearing and we cannot substitute or coldly mediate
With anything but written word; we are poets; we celebrate

© Janet Martin



  1. Great poem to contemplate today...I haven't felt too inspired yet...:)but my day's been good so far with this mix of weather. Do you have plans on Easter?

  2. Thank-you Lisa and Lucy. It IS a dreary day outside today. The opposite of a year ago.

  3. Good work, Janet. I would like to live the same way.

    As for celebrating US, I do believe poets understand each other in a way no one else does. (And your poem proves it to me.)



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