Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Prayer for you

May God give you courage
May He keep you strong
May His Presence fill you
When pain steals your song
May His whisper within you
Be your power and might
And gently sustain you
When you cannot fight
May His goodness and mercy
Guide you through the vale
And comfort you always
For His love will not fail

© Janet

I'm off to visit my sister-in-law who has had many years of hospital visits
and suffering due to an accident where her body was severely broken after
being hit by a drunk driver. She is one of the most beautiful people I am blessed to know.
In spite of daily reasons not to, still she has forgiven him and lives with joy.

If you read this, and if you feel led to, would you pray a special prayer for Karen and her family?
God bless~


  1. Janet, this is horrible and so sad! I can feel the whispers of hope in your poem! Sending your SIL, Karen my thoughts and prayers! ATB

  2. My prayers are with Karen and her family...

  3. Dar and Ella, your words and prayers are deeply appreciated. thank-you~

  4. What an amazing woman to chooses to live 'in the light' despite her circumstances... I will be thinking of Karen and remembering her in my prayers..

  5. Megan, We really appreciate that. they are narrowing it down to a few things now, but still have not definitely diagnosed the reason for her pain.

    She is a trooper, by the grace of God! so is her family.

  6. Karen is deeply touched and thanks everyone who prayed. She is beginning to see a little light...still in hospital but they are hoping they know what it is, and can begin treating (the type of infection?injury)


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