Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We tell them
And tell them
And tell them again
It seems that we speak it in vain
Yet someday perhaps
When they hear themselves then
They will hear our voices echo again…
‘Put your shoes in the closet
Put your plate in the sink
Don’t leave your coat on the chair
Shut the door; if you dropped it
Then please pick it up
At least pretend that you care
Don’t wipe your hands
On the front of your shirt
Don’t wipe your mouth on your sleeve
If I am sweeping, don’t walk through my dirt
And when you ask for something ‘say please’
If I am talking please don’t interrupt
If I’m on the phone, likewise
If I’m on the next floor, don’t yell, walk up
And no, please do not roll your eyes
If you leave the room, then please turn out the light
If you use the washroom, please flush
If you brush your teeth, please rinse out the sink
And PLEASE, put away your toothbrush
Don’t talk with your mouth full
And if there’s folded laundry
In your bedrooms please put it away
Don’t forget your homework
And don’t forget Jesus
No, don’t you forget how to pray
Pull up those covers
Don’t let the bed-bugs bite
May sweet dreams keep you all the night through
Goodnight my dear precious
Yes, I’ll leave on the night-light
Goodnight, good-night, I love you’


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