Friday, March 9, 2012

Moody March

At one a.m the day was still
no flicker, wisp or sigh
The earth a barren shoulder; brown
against a turquoise sky
But as night parts her restless lips
in moody March refrain
an ocean-tide of winter slips
to paint the earth again~


Earlier today ;)) when I took a picture of the moon (see Lunar Torment)
even those low clouds slipped away and the sky was pure silver-blue,
without a hint of snow!

Yesterday there was NO SNOW to be seen!
Hello, March in Canada!


  1. You have expressed the mood of March beautifully in your poem. I just got up this morning and said...oh nooooooooo, snow!

  2. Exactly my thoughts Janet... in March it's so easy to get your hopes up for Spring... and then snow falls. We are *supposed to* have temps in the '60's next week here in Ohio, but you never know!

  3. Thank-you Karen,

    Megan, give those warm days a shove in our direction, will you? Actually, I feel like we skipped winter this year! It's quite normal...this white stuff;)

    The morning after Victoria was born we had a major storm and some nurses needed to work longer shifts until others could make it in...sheesh, I sound like a...mommy:)


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