Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer's Large Morning

The world seems larger on a summer’s morn
Making me glad that I was born
A spacious room swept bright and clean
With yellow plume and vivid green

Here is a world untainted by longing
Compassion unfurled in summer and morning
Yesterday’s shortcomings sleep in the dust
Today is beckoning me to trust

Wind caresses skin, sun kisses my face
And so begins another day of grace
In the heart’s silence stirs a seed
Of purposed resilience and mutual need

Faint as the breezes skimming the brook
Summer teases in every nook
The blue sky is pearled with clouds of white
In summer’s large world I take delight

(Last two verses optional)
The shadow of the willow tree stirs a sigh
Daring the unshed tear in my eye
Like a rogue wind frustrating the sea
You leap to my mind in a memory

But the world is larger on a summer’s morn
As kind as the hour when love is born
From the tenderness of its fingertips
It pulls a smile across my lips


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